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Shaman Isabella Stoloff

Healings include

Chakra Balancing

Soul Retrieval

Energy Healing

Power up your life with the Authentic Healer. 

Your Vibe Matters.

Do you feel stuck and unable to move forward?

Are you tired, overwhelmed or feel as if you are running on empty?

Has traditional therapy stopped working?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions then energy healing is the answer for you.

Energy healing gives you clarity and allows you more freedom.

In today’s world with so much going on many are energetically exhausted.  We are stuck in a negative loop re-playing old stories over and over again. The way we see ourselves may no longer be working, so we are seeking out alternative solutions to our inner pain. It is time to unwind the old stories so we can create new ones. 

I have found, through years of energy healing along with positive self-talk that I have been able to overcome past issues and see myself in a more empowered light.

Now is the time to unwind old imprints and clear our minds so we can trust our intuition and live our lives to the fullest.

Shifting our perceptions is key.


“In a world of big promises and disappointing results, Isabella stands apart from a very crowded field. In my personal experience with Isabella, I have found that she has been able to solve problems in weeks, where conventional therapy can take years, if not decades”  // David, Engineer


Shamanic Training.jpg

Healer Training

Are you a natural healer?

Do you love helping people?

Are you ready to find your purpose?

Become part of the tribe.


Feel the call.

People everywhere are awakening. They see where they may be able to help humanity in a greater way and are ready to take action. If you feel you are one of these people then my Golden Condor certification program is for you. Each weekend is filled with inner healing and ancient techniques.  

It is important to first heal ourselves in order to become a clear channel for others.

Integrity and energetic boundaries are at the core of my teachings.

Shaman Isabella provides one on one instruction so you can become a Shaman Energy Healer. In her personalized Shaman Training program, Isabella teaches you a variety of techniques for you to assist humanity in shifting their vibration. She always suggests a healing session to see if you feel the energy-training program is what you are seeking.

During Isabella’s healing training program you will not only learn how to heal others but become a clear channel for your own destiny. This is a tremendous time of transformation. Answer the call and join your tribe.

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"I had been seeking a teacher that resonated deeply with me for a long time, and I felt in my heart that Shaman Isabella was the right one for me. In the Golden Condor training, Isabella created a safe space where I could connect with a tribe of like-minded learners, and begin to step in to that greater purpose I had been seeking. Isabella has helped me to get out of my own way, to build my confidence, to connect with my inner guidance, and to step outside of myself and into a new place where I can embrace my calling and play my part in healing of our troubled planet. I am so happy to have discovered my shamanic teacher and healer in Isabella!" // Student


Create Good Vibes in your home

"I live in the Shenandoah Valley and was blessed to find your Good Vibe cards in our local shop. I LOVE them!!! Thank you for manifesting them into this world. I use them daily to help me manifest my next book, a business parable for women. My work centers around energy, frequency and vibration and your sweet cards give me an extra boost of positive energy." //  PJ



This gorgeous deck is highly intuitive and can be used as a daily practice to delve more into healing yourself. You can also use it to give readings to family and friends or as a teaching tool in your own workshops.