3-steps for Energetic Boundaries


For years now I have been discussing vibration and whether it is a high vibe thought or a low one. But we also must take into consideration energetic boundaries. Where do you begin and where does another start. If you still find yourself in codependent situations there is a way out.


1. Trust how you feel:

Feel into how you are with people. When they are speaking about a problem do you want to jump in and fix it? Can you feel your energy as if it is coming out of your body? When I used to do this I had no idea how I felt. It took time to learn about my vibration. So as you begin to play with these concepts breathe and ask yourself, "What is my first impulse?" stay calm, centered and watch your actions.

2. The Giver:

See how much you give. Are you an over giver? I know I was. When I began my practice as a Shaman I realized if I continued in this work I would have nothing left. I began practicing mindfulness, seeing how I was in the world. I looked at where I gave and how it was received. I began seeing who was on my side and who was out for themselves. I slowly began to change and so did my friendships. Remember this is a practice. Be patience with yourself.

3. Saying no:

Finally, saying No. This was challenging for me. I was a people pleaser, how could I possible say no? What would people think? I am smiling as I write this to you now because you know what? It really doesn't matter. What I think and feel about myself is what truly matters. I watch my thoughts,  words and actions. I live a life of integrity and energetic boundaries and I LOVE more than ever before. I have so much more to give now because I give to myself first.

If you would like to learn more then join me for my "Creating Freedom" workshop here at the Orange County Healing Center Feb. 3rd 2018.

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Shaman Isabella 

Energetic Boundaries