3 Tips For your Morning Ritual

Hot Lemon water blog
  1. Hot lemon water

  2. Candle ceremony

  3. Listening to music

1. My father was a huge promoter of hot lemon water daily. It actually alkalizes the body. Now I know this may seem strange as lemons are acidic but it’s true. Click here for a great article/video on why.

I use lemons in my water all the time and when out at a restaurant, quite often I order hot lemon water. It really is nice. Those of us who live in SOCal are very lucky as the lemons are bursting off the trees. Take a walk in your neighborhood and assist the tree by taking some lemons. The trees love sharing their bounty.

2. You can do a candle ceremony anytime. I light a candle in the morning to honor the energy of the day. I set an intention for the day and allow the flame of the candle to help the energy expand. As many of you woman out there know there is nothing better than a candle lit bath. During our last venture to Peru a student and I choose to relax in a flower bath by candle-light. The huge window looked upon Pisaq mountain and the tranquillity of that moment will live in my soul forever. 

3. What would our world be without music? I am always listening to one genre or another. I have found myself seeking out music with high frequencies. One of the best I have found so far can be found at the top of this blog or on Spotify, 432 HZ Miracle Tone: Raise Positive Vibrations-Healing Frequency By PowerThoughts Meditation Club. I find it relaxing and inspirational. Find music that resonates with you as your vibe matters.