Create a new story.

We are all connected to a divine spark but can sometimes lose our connection due to our past experiences. Shaman energy healing sessions with me will leave you feeling clear and supported. You will learn how to release feelings of powerlessness so you can step into your life in a whole new way.  Once you unwind old imprints and release negative energy you have more room to hold a positive vibration and create a new story.

We come on to this earth with a mission. We have past life Karma we are working through. We also store the energy we are brought up around on our body and auric field. The energy healing techniques I use clear lifetimes.

I am a graduate of Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s training program, the Four Winds Society and have a Masters degree in Theatre. When opening the Orange County Healing Center I had no idea of how many different types of people I would be able to assist. The energy works for all ages and family healings are profound. Sometimes a loved one who had died shows up and we are able to release their energy as well. This always fascinates me. I feel truly blessed to be able to help at this level.

Personally, I have overcome many challenges in my lifetime. I sought out many different forms of traditional therapy and although they helped, nothing compared to the healings I had from energy medicine.

Transforming my life has been a passion of mine for over 25 years and I enjoy creating my own story and teaching other to do the same.


Shaman Isabelal