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Sunday Morning Service

Boti Tree

Power up your life with the Authentic Healer

Your Vibe Matters.

Join Shaman Isabella at the Boti Studio as speaks about growing up in Hollywood and how she found her spiritual path.

Guided Mediation

Crystal bowl sound healing

In today’s world with so much going on many are energetically exhausted. We are stuck in a negative loop re-playing old stories over and over again. The way we see ourselves may no longer be working, so we are seeking out alternative solutions to our inner pain. It is time to unwind the old stories so we can create new ones.

I have found, through years of energy healing along with positive self-talk that I have been able to overcome past issues and see myself in a more empowered light.

Now is the time to unwind old imprints and clear our minds so we can trust our intuition and live our lives to the fullest.

Shifting our perceptions is key.

• What to bring

An open mind, heart and spirit.

• Important to know

This is a spiritual, not religious gathering although there may be use of the words commonly associated with religious practices.