"I experienced many beautiful shifts that have been long lasting for me. Isabella is an amazing guide who made the trip interesting because she combined spiritual healings and Shamanic Rites along with fun, adventurous activities. Our trip to Machu Picchu was one of the many highlights I shall never forget. I highly recommend Isabella's tours."     // Mary H. 12.10

Machu Picchu | Ancient Sites

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Testimonials :

"Isabella, I have traveled all around the world and I wanted to thank you for one of best vacations I have ever experienced!"  // Ron 11.11

"This was a life-changing experience, not to be missed."   // Shyrell 10.15

"Shaman Isabella creates meaningful journeys, Because of her attention to detail and deep knowledge of the area you are able to relax and absorb the wonders along the way."   //Judeann 10.17