Let me assist you in the shift.

Chakra Balancing // Soul Retrieval // Energy Clearing


Land & House Clearings

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I am able to heal your home and the land by casting out unwanted energies that you may be experiencing. Despacho blessings come from a deep place of honor and respect. I am able to create Despacho prayers for you, your family and home. I am highly connected in the spirit world and work together in harmony with the creator for transformational healing on all levels.

These clearings & blessings are very powerful.

Despachos are Peruvian prayer bundles that honor the earth as well as your soul.

Price varies depending on location & size of the property.

Shaman Isabella

One on One Shamanic Sessions

Many clients call me seeking relief from issues that are keeping them from moving forward in their lives. What I have found is that everything that has ever happened to us gets stored on our body and our light body. If these issues are not addressed they can make us feel stuck and unable to move forward.

The healings I give clear these imprints so you can move forward and create the life you truly desire. My techniques work at a deep core level so you are able to release quickly what you have been holding onto for years and even lifetimes.

I have been gifted with the ability to assist you in clearing out old negative belief patterns so you can bring beauty and childlike wonder back into your soul.

Private Group Healings

Sacred Art

I am available for private group healings. I have found when family members gather together for this type of healing the results are amazing. It has been said that spiritual healings go forward seven generations and back seven generations. I provide a healing ceremony along with a spiritual talk that assists your guests in tuning into their unlimited potential and healing at the deepest level.

I am also available to fly to your city/country to do healing ceremonies in your home for your friends and family. Enlightening your community is a spiritual gift. I have had success in healing groups all over the world.

Contact Me for further information.
12-20 people/price varies.
Call to book a private group healing.



Life Coaching

Are you ready to step into the next level of your life?

This 6 month program includes energy healing along with life coaching to move you forward in a beautiful way. We will meet twice a month to release old energy and give you tools for your future. You must use your 2 sessions each month. They will not carry over.

Let us work together to create a healthy, whole connected way of living.


Other Services



If you are seeking a different type of wedding give me a call. I create a beautiful ceremonial type of wedding with Crystals, Palo Santo wood and when requested a Despacho.

Despachos are Peruvian prayers that honor the earth and your union. Please call for more information 714-603-8624.


Intuitive Phone Readings $150

When we come together seeking the highest advice for your life, spiritual readings can come in very handy. If you would like a reading you can book online. I will either use the Good Vibes deck I created or one of the many decks I own to get the clearest message for your life.