I came to Isabella on a search for something more. Even though I had been blessed with a loving family, friends I cherish, and a job that I love, there was still something missing in my life.  It left a deep yearning in my heart and a feeling that I was somehow incomplete. I felt like I was running out of time, and there was still some greater purpose to my life that I was missing. Then I discovered Isabella. I immediately felt comfortable with her. During healing sessions, she quickly connected to some core issues that were holding me back. Thank you Isabella

— Tanya



“Isabella is more than a shaman. She is a mentor. She is a guide. She is a friend. Since meeting Bella for the first time, my life has transformed in unimaginable ways. She lifts the spirit, invigorates the soul, and purifies the heart. Her magic can cleanse any energy field with light and love, bringing peace and calm to the spirit. This amazing woman anchors her clients and offers direction with blessings of wisdom and insight, while listening to every thought and feeling without judgement. I guess you could say Isabella is a therapist of sorts but with the capacity of healing energy fields and auras, through the past and present, removing old wounds and recharging each and every path. I thank my angels for Bella. She is a beautiful blessing in my life and in all the hearts who know her and her transformational work. Our Shaman is an inspiration to live in positive vibration and love, empowering all to claim their energy, light, and power back. She truly sets the spirit free! 

— Anonymous



“Before my first visit with Isabella, I didn’t have a very positive outlook on life due to working with a lot of toxic people and being in a toxic relationship. After a few healing sessions with her, the negativity started to lift and I started seeing life in a more positive way. Her wisdom and guidance have also helped me to be able to manifest things that I was never able to in the past. I went from being stuck in a city I didn’t want to live in and a job I didn’t like to getting a new job and new apartment in the city I’ve been wanting to live in for many, many years! Thank you so much, Isabella!”

-Lauren K.



“Dear Isabella ~ Thank you so much for working on me yesterday. Your time, energy and generosity of spirit really touched my heart. I feel like I’ve been lifted out of my doom and gloom. will be in touch soon. Thank you for this healing and heartening experience 🙂 Gratefully, “