There are many Healers awakening at this time. Shaman Isabella provides one on one instruction so you can become a Shaman Energy Healer. In her personalized Shaman Training program, Isabella teaches you a variety of techniques for you to assist humanity in shifting their vibration.


Each class is filled with Ancient Techniques from the Andes Mountains of Peru and the Amazon jungle, along with direct downloads from spirit. Step into your training at the deepest level so you can ignite the light within yourself and others. Bring 3 stones any kind preferably not polished to each class. Bring a cloth to wrap them in and a tie.

During each class you receive the Munay-Ki.I have studied with Alberto Villoldo and am a graduate of the Healing the Light Body training. His training along with my many journeys to Peru and direct downloads from spirit encourage my students to remember their own healing techniques from past lives.

I look forward to being your teacher

Teaching Testimonial

"I came to Isabella on a search for something more. Even though I had been blessed with a loving family, friends I cherish, and a job that I love, there was still something missing in my life. It left a deep yearning in my heart and a feeling that I was somehow incomplete. I felt like I was running out of time, and there was still some greater purpose to my life that I was missing. Then I discovered Isabella. I immediately felt comfortable with her. During healing sessions, she quickly connected to some core issues that were holding me back. I had been seeking a teacher that resonated deeply with me for a long time, and I felt in my heart that she was the right one for me. In the Golden Condor training, Isabella created a safe space where I could connect with a tribe of like-minded learners, and begin to step in to that greater purpose I had been seeking. Isabella has helped me to get out of my own way, to build my confidence, to connect with my inner guidance, and to step outside of myself and into a new place where I can embrace my calling and play my part in healing of our troubled planet….I am so happy to have discovered my shamanic teacher and healer in Isabella! " // Tanya


You will learn Illuminations and death rites, bring 3 stones to represent 3 issues you would like to transform.


Clearing ancestral patterns. You will heal 3 of your ancestors so you can become a clear conduit for others. You will learn the technique of cord cutting and extraction of heavy energy. Bring 3 stones for gifts from your ancestors.


Crystal Star-lite, present day soul retrieval. You will need 3 stones.


Entity removal. You will need 3 stones and a 13-sided Vogul crystal.

Master classes are available after completion.

Classes and Price breakdown

Weekend one: Illumination | $2,500 TBA

Weekend two: Ancestral healing | $ 2,500 TBA

Weekend three: Present day soul retrieval | $2,500 TBA

Weekend four: Entity removal. Practicing non-attachment | $2,500 TBA 

This is a year long commitment.

Group sizes are small.

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